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The way we deal with support tickets has changed!
To open a support ticket, all you need to do is press on the blue button in the bottom right (Please note that some ad-blockers can stop this button from showing). If a member of our staff team is online, you will get a reply right away. If not you can leave a message and our staff team will get back to you.

When not to use our support
If you have an issue with a server you're renting from us, please contact the support team over at Kinetic Hosting, and not here. Please also make sure that you Google your issue, or check our FAQ pages before you contact us.

When to use our support
If you're having an issue on one of our game servers, with one of our modpacks, reporting a player, reporting a staff member, have a missing rank or item, or want a refund from the Kinetic Network store... This is the right place for you.

How long will it take for you to get back
It can take our support team 24 hours to get back to you depending on your issue. Please only open a ticket once!